Marni Art

Welcome to my portfolio! Here, I am excited to present to you some things I am working, information on how to get in touch, and some of my proudest works! Please enjoy browsing through the Marni Art website, and tell me what you think!

The Artist

Graphic design is a passion that I continue to push to succeed in. Striving to push the limits both in terms of functionality and design. As an artist, I put a special focus on artistic value. Although AI is pushing the boundaries, and raising some questions, personal human touch it invaluable when it comes to unmatchable design. I work towards using incredible new tools, like AI, to navigate what YOU want in your personal or business endeavors to make it a reality.

Digital Art

As a graphic design major, digital art is very important to me. Digital art is how we communicate our branding, ideas, and innovations to others professionally. Art is meant to communicate complex ideas without a single word, and digital art is what we use, mainstream, to accomplish these goals. With graphic design, one can promote their ideas and content to others in a delightful way that makes the viewers want more. Though, even with a good design, it might not be what the company/client needs to have proper promotion of their brand. The designer needs to keep in mind the target audience, brands message, product, and what the client wants others to take away from their visual experience. One can have an amazing brand design, but it it dose not meet each of these criteria in a coherent fashion, then it might as well be useless. The message that the client is trying to present will not get across and might even through off some potential consumers. Thanks to my understanding of brand methodology, and personal experience, this comes naturally to me. This, making the task of creating a brand identity is not only clear to me, but an exciting project taht I always find great joy in participating in.

Traditional Art

Traditional art has always been a deep passion of mine. Since youth I have devoted much of my time to master a large array of different artistic mediums. This endeavor led me to master a lot of unique creative projects that I have done, either for personal purposes or clients. I have always deeply enjoyed my work and look forward to creating more artistic pieces to expand my artistic understanding even further. Being self taught, I have spent a lot of time recreating what I have seen and setting my own goals. It is easy to pursue something when you are truly passionate. Despite not being traditionally trained, gaining those connections you find through art programs, I have managed to gain some sales experience with working with clients. I love my local art lovers and am excited every time I have a new goal to complete for them. I have illustrated books, designed jerseys, made album covers and posters. Each project, not only makes me excited  to manifest my clients visons of what whey want, but also brings me personal joy. I love confronting new obstacles in the artistic field. I know that I would pursue it, even without an incentive. I am excited to learn more about your feature visions of an artistic pursuit! Contact me in my CONTACT page, or press the link below!

RECENT Projects

Check out what I have been up to! I am constantly starting and finishing new projects. Some digital, others traditional art. I am always excited to show what I have been working on and growing with as a designer. Hope you enjoy viewing my work as much as I had creating it! Check out more of my work in my PORTFOLIO page, or click the link below.