Virginian Mountains

Using acrylics, I had the greatest joy in developing my blue mountain range that held so much resemblance to home. Using a complimenting color scheme, I was able to give this piece a distinct composition. I had the blue mountains as the main focal point, drawing the viewers eyes across the horizon and through the wavy landscape. The light, purple sky, with the field of pink blooms, balance out the space in the piece, while also giving a unique, and interesting visual. This compositions, with the general shapes of the painting and the colors, creates a guide for the viewer. A zig zag pathway that encourages them to take in the full piece eloquently. Along with its ability to grasp the viewers attention for a wide space of time, it also is visually appealing for the very same reasons. Fine are is something that I take great joy in, and hope to continue with in the future.

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